Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Gonzales has found a new excuse to keep records private

    U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said on Monday he would have "very serious concerns" about sharing internal documents requested by Senate Democrats in the debate over John Roberts' nomination to the Supreme Court.

    In an interview with Reuters, Gonzales also said the Justice Department does not routinely respond to such requests unless they come from the full Senate Judiciary Committee..


    The documents in question, requested Friday by eight Democrats on the panel in a letter to Gonzales, related to 16 cases Roberts was involved in while deputy solicitor general in the early 1990s in the first Bush administration.

    They touch on a host of divisive issues including school desegregation, the death penalty, civil rights and a case in which Roberts echoed the administration position that the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion should be overturned.

Last week the excuse over these same papers was that client-attorney priviledge kept them from turning the papers over. Then they found out that their own Ken Starr got a ruling against such an argument when he played the charade of investigating Clinton. A government paid lawyer works for the American people, not the president. Therefore, all papers should be turned over to the American people upon request was the ruling found by the Appellate court in the 90s. (The Supreme Court declined to take the case, making that pretty much that.)

The Democratic Senators reply:
"The eight Democratic senators view it as an official request," a spokeswoman for Sen. Patrick Leahy (news, bio, voting record) of Vermont, the panel's top Democrat, said in response to Gonzales' comments.

The spokeswoman said committee Democrats had invited Chairman Arlen Specter, a Pennsylvania Republican, to sign on to the letter, but he declined.
Title of referenced article:

Gonzales is being a good Bushie. After all Chief Justice Rehnquist should be retiring soon, leaving another slot on the court.


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