Wednesday, August 24, 2005

How Bush Deals With Grieving Military Families

After the Bush vacation fiasco, we can bet that Karl and Karen weren't goofing off. I'm sure the two got together and brainstormed, "What about if we take all those self-aggrandizing moments that Bush had with the families of dead soldiers last year during the campaign and make an article about how fantastic Bush is with grieving survivors of those killed in our little war."

"It wasn't a political stunt, because we will tell people it wasn't--right there in the article. People are such sheep they'll believe anything in print."

"Get some regular byliners at Newsweek (which we have on a rope since that Quran incident) to put out the article as their own and we have brilliant propaganda ready to go."

Hey, fellow Americans, Remember how the print news media exposed the fact that the Bush administration was creating "phony news" videos and not revealing the source? Well, even Slate magazine hinted that some regular print "news" (as opposed to commentary, editorial, or oped) articles do not pass the smell test for impartiality regarding the Bush administration.

I'll say it right out. I believe some major byliners in print news media are renting out their names for news cooked up by the White House. And I think you will see an example of that when you read Newsweek's "I'm So Sorry" by 'Holly Bailey and Evan Thomas'.

And, BTW, from now on, just figure that if news looks and smells like propaganda from the White House, it probably is.


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