Monday, August 01, 2005

John Roberts left fellow Supreme Court Clerks with "bruises"

What can you say about a man who makes a friendly game of basketball into a contact sport apparently to compensate for lack of skill?

Twenty-five years after the clerkships ended, the memories that remain most distinct for many of Mr. Roberts's co-clerks involve basketball.

The Rehnquist clerks were a force to be reckoned with "on that horrific cement court above the library," recalled James J. Brudney, a law professor at Ohio State who clerked for Justice Blackmun. But Mr. Roberts brought more enthusiasm than skill to the game.

"He played an aggressive style of basketball that left other co-clerks with the bruises to show for it," Mr. Knauss said of Mr. Roberts.
From: As Clerk for Rehnquist, Nominee Stood Out for Conservative Rigor

Makes one wonder what such a man would think of 'torture'.
More on Roberts at Code Red News Forum: Roberts


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