Tuesday, August 16, 2005

John Roberts memo shows support for burial service for fetuses.

Coming, as this does on the heels of the revelation that Roberts gave preconsent to anti abortion violence, I trust that John Roberts will have to abandon the act that he's just a "middle of the road type guy" now.
As a senior legal adviser to President Reagan, John G. Roberts Jr. concluded that a controversial memorial service for aborted fetuses, organized by a group of California doctors who opposed Roe v. Wade , was "an entirely appropriate means of calling attention to the abortion tragedy."

The words of the Supreme Court nominee, contained in a 1985 memo in which he approved a telegram from Reagan supporting the service, provide the clearest insight to date into Roberts's personal views on abortion at a time when both proponents and opponents of Roe have a keen interest in whether he would tip the court's balance on one of the nation's most volatile social issues.
Roberts Backed Service for Fetuses

More info on John Roberts here at TitH here (opens in new window. If using popup blocker right click on link and choose 'Open in new window' or even 'Open in new tab' if using Firefox.

Or scroll down and through archives if you'd rather find it yourself.


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