Thursday, August 04, 2005

Little Johnnie threw an orange

It smashed up on the lunchroom wall
When the headman called his mom
Then John began to bawl

I never meant that orange, dear mom,
to hit the wall. Don't blame me!
If Tommy had but stayed quite still
Smashed upon his face it'd be.

Forgive the rhyming, but an event like that did happen in the life of young John Roberts.

There was another young [John Roberts] in those days too, the one at the Notre Dame Catholic elementary school in Michigan City, Ind., who one day found himself sitting in the principal's office.

His parents were called in and John was asked to explain how an orange had come to be smashed against the freshly painted cafeteria wall.

"Did you throw the orange?" his parents asked.

Yes," he said.

"Did it hit the wall?"

"Yes. It splattered all over the place. But it wasn't my fault."

His parents looked confused. "You threw the orange. You hit the wall. But it wasn't your fault?"

He explained: "Tommy ducked. It's Tommy's fault. I had no intention of hitting the wall. I had every intention of hitting him in the face."
Roberts Was Ready at Every Turn (Link goes to 2nd page of article where all but the first paragraph of the excerpt is up at top.)

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