Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pat Robertson showing 'evil ideology' by calling for assassination of Hugo Chavez?

Because Pat Robertson is acting like a terrorist and calling for the death of the head of nation does that mean that Christianity is an evil ideology?

Of course, not, but I think Blair's and Bush's talking points on "Evil ideology do not explain that Islam, even Islam that dislikes what most of the Western world is doing. Even Islam that wants to keep separate from most of the world is not an evil ideology.

Wait, no. Now to those two men, anyone who does not want to live their life in an endless rat race in order to buy overpriced imported junk from people who already have too much money, must have an evil ideology, I know. But I don't agree, is what I'm saying. (But don't tell them. I don't want to be pulled from a metrorail train seat some day and be murdered by the feds.)
Bush and Blair's lack of restraint on ranting about evil beliefs (never, that I have seen, explaining to the general public what those evil beliefs are) may be a ploy to boost their own ratings, but they can lead to unnecessary deaths and indeed have.

Some police thought they could get away with killing an unidentified male they suspected under very poor surveillance practices of being someone with an evil ideology, and a hard working Brazilian was murdered by in Great Britain.

And Bush's push for war in Iraq would never have been possible without lies to convince Americans that an evil ideology (Islam) was intent killing innocent Americans.

Yet, people like Robertson calling for someone to kill Chavez the president of Venezuela gets pretty close to a terrorist act. And often they find willing minions to attempt to carry their projects out.

Remember all the wailing after Waco for someone to pay back the FBI until Timmy and Terry did their bidding? Much of that came from the fundamentalist church.

Yet, no one calls Christianity "an evil ideology"

Read about Pat Roberston pimping death for dollars at Televangelist Calls for Chavez' Death


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