Sunday, September 25, 2005

Evacuees meet Good Old Fashioned Discrimination

Newsweek follows some of the evacuees from Katrina and Rita and find hard struggle and discrimination following them.

Many have had to flee 2 hurricanes now.

The Newsweek article talks to people around those who ended up in a Christian camp in Northwest Arkansas, where they find the lack of choice making life seem like a prison. But that place is only available until mid-October.

The Director of the camp given the chance to speak says a few good things about the evacuees (You can't call people in the US refugees, of course, just because govenmental ineptitude has made them such. It's not allowed. Makes the government look bad.) But the article found at:The Dispossessed: 'This Is Like a Prison' shows that the director of the Church camp goes on to single out minorities for a spew of non crimes (if they are even true) including that terrible thing, you know--teens making signs. Is that worse than taking kittens from an animal shelter and then going home, killing and dissecting it, like the Senate Majority Leader did when he was young?

For another look at the discrimination facing evacuees of New Orleans in their new homes see: Evacuees being held in concentration/re-education camps?


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