Thursday, September 29, 2005

FEMA's slide into incompetence, electioneering brought warning from former FEMA head in 2004

Called a haven for cronies and incompetents in the current administration, FEMA gave millions of unqualified monetary donations in Florida, a crucial state in 2004, a presidential election year. Money was given to areas, not affected by federal disasters, and FEMA paid for funerals of people not killed by hurricanes or other federal disasters in the state. FEMA is actually seeking reimbursements on the money this year, though votes cannot be taken back.

A former FEMA head warned in March 2004 of the problems with the agency.

Details on the problems with FEMA from Government Executive's online site.


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Thanks for keeping your eyes on the ball when it comes to Katrina, FEMA, etc.

BTW, you have comments spammers below. You might want to turn on your keyword recognition and turn on the email notification of comments to deal with them. Even with the keyword stuff I get several spams a week, but without it I was getting dozens a week... talk about annoying.

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