Saturday, September 03, 2005

A Few Words About Looters

I wasn't there.

I don't know any looters

But from what I have been reading, most of the looters were grabbing mostly necessities.

In fact officers opened some of the stores and let people in to get what they needed. The stores weren't officially open for selling and most people had lost their money anyway.

Then Fox News and some other news venues, noticing that the people who were too poor to evacuate New Orleans were mostly of one color started harping on the looting. Some think Fox News deliberately focused on the looting to draw attention away from the fact the the funds had been cut by the Bush administration for the upgrading of the levees, and from the terrible disaster response by the federal government.

Racists across the nation were estatic about having a new way to vent on message boards and forums.

Yes, some people took goods that were not necessities. Then again I saw a picture of a small produce seller protecting his stock--produce--with guns from hungry people. Shame! Who is there to sell it too? Sell it for free and earn good feelings.


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