Saturday, September 24, 2005

Houston Mayor: Save yourself!

Okay Rita didn't do the Macarena on Houston. We all know that. Instead she decided to do the Flamenco on the rest of our gas refineries on the gulf coast. The ones that Katrina didn't get around to doing a volkdansen on.

Hello $5 a gallon.

But she was headed for Houston that contains areas which could have been dangerously flooded.

At one time this was the scenario:

    If Rita makes landfall where expected it could cause significant flooding in areas up to 35 miles inland when the anticipated storm surge rushes through Galveston Bay and along the Houston Ship Channel, emergency officials said.

    White urged those who did not have the means to evacuate themselves to arrange with friends or neighbors to get out. He said if that was not possible, people should contact emergency numbers to get help from the authorities.

    But he warned: "There will not be enough government vehicles to go and evacuate people in all the areas."
Houston mayor calls for evacuations

But what about the school buses? Is he going to leave all those school buses to drown? Of course he could, with 2 days notice, find, collect and transport all the poor of Houston to safety. After all he's the mayor of Houston, not New Orleans, the 'evil city that didn't miraculously spirit away its poor to safety'.

Wait, the mayor's statement means that a major Texas port city couldn't completely evacuate either! B'but the right wingers assured us that the inability to evacuate a major city was only related to blue areas.

Being able to completely evacuate a port city is essential to the idea that we can enjoy the fruits of our ports without the federal government needing to build the structures having to protect the lives and properties of the people needed to do the work of keeping those ports functional. Our new battle cry is that "Cities need to take care of themselves and governors need to be disaster experts so they can save their own people." That is, of course true now because, Lord knows, the federal government is full of cronies of the Bush White House, not 'the best and brightest'.

Don't forget the fact that the president declared a federal emergency for areas hit by both hurricanes days in advance of landfall. Declaring a federal emergency puts all aspects of that emergency on the doorstep of the White House. More info on that starts at: Expert: Bush administration took ownership of response to Katrina's threat.

Also remember that the Department of Homeland Security declared years ago that the mitigation of all major disasters in the nation were its responsibility.

Maybe they could just decide that hurricanes are terrorist groups.




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