Friday, September 30, 2005

Judith Miller's jail time a stunt? Libby did not want her protection.

So now it seems that Judith Miller set herself up for jailtime for 'protecting journalistic principles' --as so many self serving pundits described it-- was just a stunt.

From: Washington Post column by Dan Froomkin, "Miller's Big Secret"

Over the course of the investigation, Libby had freed several other reporters from any obligation to keep their conversations with him secret -- and his lawyer had apparently told Miller's lawyer more than a year ago that she was free to talk, as well.

Earlier a columnist (Newsweek's Elizabeth Clift, IIRC) made the point that Judith probably went to jail to get her ratings up. Froomkin hints of the possibility as well.

Froomkin and Clift (earlier) note(d) that Judith Miller's reliance on Ahmed Chalabi and the pro war administration people for her facts on Iraq severely damaged her credibility. As a major columnist for the New York Times her columns she did have an impact on public perception.

His advice to journalists over such a situation--should it arise again in the future--is priceless, (Check the link for details)as is his description of Libby: "Dick Cheney's Dick Cheney".

Hopefully, such insightful commenting on Miller's jailing, now that the facts have come out, will not be hidden in a repeat hurricane of columnists declaiming the nobility of Miller's jounalistic standards.

Article at: Miller's Big Secret

Those praising Miller, of course, are doing their best to help the credibility of their occupation, and -- in association -- themselves. Unfortunately, the objective journalist was always a thing of myth. We need to recognize that, and make professional journalists, and news sources work for their money. The fat cats may be able to control most major news sources and right wing blogs, but with the internet we have so many more options. And, no, this is not a self serving message--because I say so. ;)

(To maximize the respect for 'me', I guess I should hold an award show where people wax evangelistic over the life, nobility, and struggles of the unpaid blogger. Then give myself an award or two. Sounds like a plan.)

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