Sunday, September 18, 2005

Karl Rove leads Katrina area restoration project.

George Bush's top political advisor co-leads the Gulf Coast recovery spending Hullabaloo designed to close the public's eye to the racism and demeaning neglect of poor and infirm shown by the White House's delayed action to save lives after Hurricane Katrina passed and the levees protecting New Orleans broke in the worst disaster in a century. That should tell us most of what we need to know about the recovery effort. Tax Increase Not Part Of His Gulf Relief Plan

Yes, apparently one of the major ways that Bush wants to rebuild the area, and defeat racism is --wait for it--tax cuts for businesses. Is this a one note administration or what?

Bush calls for spending cuts in a "robbing poor Peter to pay poor Paul" plan.

Obedient Rove mouthpiece, John McCain cites the $250 million bridge to nowhere in Alaska that could be cut (Unfortunately, Congress has already approved and the president signed into law the highway pork bill that set funding for the project, named after a Republican Congressman.)

Some congress people mentioned delaying the Medicare Prescription plan. (Not that the massive pork barreling approved in the bill could be delayed or reduced. Indeed the big bucks straight to HMOs, the pharmaceutical companies and unrelated businesses are probably already spent. Just the--you know--money to the people who the plan was actually supposed to work for could be locked up for years more. Heck, if people die then we don't have to pay them Social Security benefits, right?)

But back to the Washington Post piece: Tom Delay finally became petulant in the face of his master and declared there is no fat left in the federal budget. (I'll have to disagree, because, Tom try looking at that big fold of flesh called the War in Iraq. That major fiasco of the Bush administration needs to be liposucked. Now that Blackwater is gainfully employed scaring people in New Orleans, and Halliburton and Bechtel have picked up nonbids for Katrina relief and reconstruction what need do we really have for our older ongoing disaster?)

What requires a tax hike is the 3 trillion the Bush adminstration has already boosted the national debt according to whispers heard by The Washington Note.

But don't worry a major tax increase is coming. In the name of 'tax reform' the middle and working classes will receive a tax hike known as "The Flat Tax" to pick up the burden that the rich have been asked to pay in the past. Then again though, you know the Bush administration will find a way to funnel that to it's favorite campaign contributors, as well. The 'break the government' part of Bush's base must be fed as regularly as the others are.

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