Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Minister on Kanye West

I recognized that look. I had seen it before, not recently but before. I saw it in the eyes of the Brothers at the 1968 Olympics when they threw up the Black Power Fist before the world. I saw it in the eyes of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr before he made his speech against the Vietnam War. I saw the same nervous look of self sacrifice and defiance the eyes of Kanye West when he stood before the world and said that the way that America treats poor Black folks is wack!

Minister calls for more support of artists like Kanye who stand up for our people, warning:

a month after MC Supreme Truth provokes the wrath of white America, he is quickly forgotten by most of us. While most of us go back to business as usual , MC TRUTH goes from a platnum Hip Hop artist with a mansion and a Bentley to Tyrone Johnson, clerk # 5 at Save-a Lot Convenience store.

Maybe not this time though.

And, no, I'm not.

Hip-Hop Hurricane Kanye Hits America


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