Monday, September 05, 2005

The Navy is here

Navy personal direct a hovercraft as it comes ashore along Beach Boulevard Sunday, Sept. 4, 2005 in Biloxi, Miss. Various branches of the armed forces are arriving in the area to help with the distribution of food and clean-up of the area after Hurricane Katrina. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green)

So where were they days ago?

Let me tell you a story. After a particularly bad rainstorm in Los Angeles a male teenager was spotted floating down a riverbed. Rescue personnel tried to grab him out of the water, but failed as the last of the young man's strength ran out.

To ease the terrible feeling from the incident officers got permission to create a "Swift Water Rescue" team. They trained with experts for a while, and learned it was best to have back up ropes stretched across the water, floats, etc placed downstream of any such attempt. Since then if they are called in soon enough the teams are usually successful.

Why can't there be teams of water rescue and the equipment needed placed within the army and Navy ready to go so they don't show up 4 days later. A massive boat like the one above might not be good for most floods, but why can't a set of smaller ones be available for use. It's our army and Navy, not Big Oil's.


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