Saturday, September 10, 2005

Republicans: Florida Republican complaints led to removal of Brown

Republican leaders made sure to say that Nancy Pelosi's call for Brown's removal meant diddly to to the Bush administration and we know that the contempt the rest of us learned to have for Brown doesn't even register on the screen of Bushco.
It was that fellow Republicans — many from hurricane-prone states such as Florida — privately pleaded with the White House to remove Brown. They told him Brown had been ineffective in past rescue efforts, and no one in the region had confidence in his ability to manage.
Dishonesty May Have Been Last Straw

Hmmm. Interesting. Then why wasn't anything done when he was screwing up after Florida hurricanes? Why now?

the resume scandal appeared to give the president additional cover for taking action against Brown. Charles Cook, an independent Washington political analyst and editor of the Cook Political Report, said the allegations of dishonesty helped the president avoid acknowledging that he hired the wrong person. "This is a president who doesn't like to admit mistakes, and hiring Brown was obviously a mistake," Cook said. "This was a way to not run him out of town on a stake but still get him out of town."

A Republican consultant says this shows that 'sooner or later' Mike Brown should remember that he has a family to spend more time with.

And if you'd like to read all the inconsistencies between Director Brown's various resumes and the alleged truth, click on link and register (or use to read article.


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