Monday, September 05, 2005

Senator Landrieu Fears She'll Punch President

Landrieu said that if she heard any more criticism from federal officials, particularly about the evacuation of New Orleans, she might lose control.

"If one person criticizes them or says one more thing - including the president of the United States - he will hear from me," she said on the ABC program. "One more word about it after this show airs and I might likely have to punch him. Literally."

She burst into tears as she looked at a broken levee. "The President could have funded it," she said. "He cut it out of the budget. Is that the most pitiful sight you have ever seen in your life? One little crane."

She also referred angrily to comments Bush had made Friday at the New Orleans airport about the fun he had in her city in his younger days.

"Our infrastructure is devastated, lives have been shattered," Landrieu said. "Would the president please stop taking photo-ops?"
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Blogger Derek said...

If Levy doesnt break are we having this convo ?

2:26 AM  
Blogger BrStarr said...

Bush took funds from levees strengthening to fight war on Iraq. Right wingers on Monday, Aug 28th as Katrina was hitting NO and the levees were failing were laughing about how many blacks would die.

I don't know. If Bush had allowed the levees to be funded and disappointed his base that way, whether we would be having this conversation, but it happened and exposed the massive hatred that Bush has for poor people and minorities.

1:22 PM  

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