Thursday, September 08, 2005

Terry Neal: About holding government officials accountable

I almost passed on Terry Neal's Sept 8th column titled "Hiding Bodies Won't Hide the Truth" with a Duh!, but then I thought "Hey, wait minute, there's a lot of words in that column. There has to be something else.

And one of the best parts asks,
If the person at the top doesn't demand answers and assign blame when necessary, how can he send the message to bureaucrats that they will be held responsible for their actions?

And, indeed, the Bush administration actually promoted most of the people that helped bring us 9/11 through their incompetency. In fact, they even tried to make Kerik, the police chief of NYC on the day, their choice for Secretary of Homeland Security despite terrible command and control that magnified the tragedy.

Link to Terry Neal's article

And now we have New Orleans. The Question is: "When is incompetent reponse to a disaster coming to your area?" Because, apparently Bush believes holding his people accountable is like holding him accountable and he can't have that.

Hopefully the news media will continue to hold the Bush people accountable (something they didn't do after 9/11. That could help.


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