Wednesday, October 05, 2005

1918 killer flu 'came from birds'

US scientists have found the 1918 virus shares genetic mutations with the bird flu virus now circulating in Asia.

Writing in Nature, they say their work underlines the threat the current strain poses to humans worldwide.


They found the virus contained elements that were new to humans of the time - making it highly virulent.

And analysis of the final three pieces of the virus' genetic code has revealed mutations that have striking similarities to those found in flu viruses found only in birds, such as the H5N1 strain currently found in south east Asia.

From: 1918 killer flu 'came from birds'

If you aren't-- at the very least-- a little scared now, you just aren't paying attention.

BTW, did you know that bird flu has hit Russia? I can find this information nowhere, but in the Russian news media. Here's one example of a report on bird flu in Russia from their news media.

BTW WHO, please dont "try to allay Bird Flu fears.

Also see: Senate Democrats seek $4 bln to fight bird flu. Prominent Republican opposes.


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