Thursday, October 13, 2005

All the President's Body Language

Dana Millbank reports that, under duress, the president is rocking and rolling and blinking and licking the lips.

A must read.

Poor little boy finally failed himself out the the warmth of total adoration by the right and the news media.

I also like how Tina Brown describes his effect.

Twenty years or even 10 years ago ABC's "Commander in Chief" would have been a sitcom, not a drama. Now it's Bush who's the sitcom, though the laughs are bitter. He's the biggest reason why female leaders suddenly seem so relevant. He has debased the currency of machismo. From Iraq to New Orleans and back to Washington, his empty posturings, bonehead mistakes and panicky pratfalls have turned testosterone into Kryptonite. The cultural stage is being set for a woman president, even if the current understudies, from Hillary to Condi, end up stumbling over their own props or never come out of the wings.

Well almost 'liked'. Obviously, there is better reason than Bush for female leaders. (Maggie Thatcher indicated recently that she never would have invaded Iraq for all her conservatism. Offda Tony!) But I think Tina Brown shows what she's saying, that women trying to make it, attempt to be perfect for the powerful men around them, including putting other women down.

Or maybe that's just Tina's real feelings. I don't know her writings that well. That would be too bad. We have enough powerful anti-women in the world.


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