Saturday, October 29, 2005

Blinkers! Source close to White House pins Iran Contra on Reagan

During the Iran Contra investigation, of course all the talking points said Reagan wasn't involved, and again the corporate owned news media was afraid to counter the mind control speak of the conservatives.

What does that tell us about what is happening now?

Maybe not much, but that a Republican administration will protect their figurehead at all costs.

And the news media, unless it can get some pretty firm evidence, will not counter the right wing talking points.

What is new about the Bush administration is that by intimidation of leakers they have been able to make some important leaks eat the journalists that trusted their inside the White House sources. Some even think the leaks were setups in the first place to discredit any well known journalist or publication that refuses to play the White House game of pass the talking points.

Excerpt from A New Moment of Truth For a White House in Crisis:

GOP allies of the White House moved yesterday to insulate the president from the fallout of the Libby indictment by contrasting yesterday's action with previous White House scandals such as the Iran-contra affair that hit Ronald Reagan in his second term or the Monica S. Lewinsky episode that led to President Bill Clinton's impeachment.

"They all involved the president," said veteran GOP strategist Ron Kaufman. "This involves staff." Bill Paxon, a Republican former congressman from New York, said, "There is no one suggesting that this Oval Office occupant has anything to do with this matter."

Yeah, and Reagan was "out of the loop".

BTW, after starting a war (that killed 100K Iraqis as of the summer of 2004) on false evidence, I think Bush has enough evil on his plate without being involved in this deed anyway.

More articles on the Plame leak case on tith:

More good articles at Washington Post on the subject:
(I've been putting these on the blog because it becomes hard to find some articles at the Washington Post later -- even the same day -- by either browsing or using the search capability of the site.)
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Sure that will help, Sir?


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