Friday, October 21, 2005

Bodies of Taliban fighters desecrated in Afghanistan

Desecrated bodies of Taliban fighters have been found in Afghanistan

And it wasn't the toothfairy that did it.

So, now what?

Do we let the Taliban bomb Cleveland?

Of course not.

Though when we bombed the women and children of Fallujah after a similar incident we thought that was just dandy.

So why the double standard?

(Please don't say the Americans killed and desecrated at Fallujah were civilians. They were Blackwater. Blackwater personnel are never civilians. In fact, they were mercenaries. The people of Fallujah had also heard (whether rightly or wrongly) that they were some of the worst of prison guards who had been killing and torturing with impunity.

By the way, Iraqis knew about the torturing in various prisons in Iraq for a long time before the US awoke one morning to see Lynndie and her leash on the morning news.


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