Friday, October 07, 2005

Bush Administration Works on Plans for Military State.

You've heard about the plans of the White House to rely on the military in case of terrorist attack or other natural disaster probably.

Again they shuffle the deck.

Caught being incompetent, they announce a new trick.

And specifically, they've announced their plans to use the military to enforce quarantines in case of the specter that appears possible, the horrifically virulent bird flu becoming epidemic throughout the world, including the US.

Unfortunately for their card shuffling, the Pentagon has made a drunken path from one poorly planned operation becoming a disaster to another.

They did as little as possible in in Afghanistan leaving drug lords to control the area, with what should have been predictable results.

Rumsfeld rejected suggestions from top generals planning for an invasion of Iraq to take many more troops and control the results by overwhelming manpower. No matter how one feels about invading Iraq, one can probably decide that most outcomes of the invasion would have been a better deal that the one that we see today, as the nation appears to slide towards civil war, and those who know someone in the nation, even a blogger, worry about the future in a nation our leaders seem to have destroyed.

And in face of Hurricane Katrina, the Pentagon delayed an important rescue mission and did nothing to start others for crucial days. A commander of a wing squadron of helicopter called the Pentagon Monday morning, the day that Katrina struck and asked for permission to commence helicopter rescues as soon as the weather permitted. He did not get a reply until Tuesday afternoon, about an entire day after the levees broke.

The shameful record of the Pentagon certainly does not show that they are any more qualified to protect or rescue Americans. Maybe they are better at photo ops. There was a photo op with Bush and some firemen where the rescuers obviously reacted with surprise to Bush's claim to have been "working". Good ol' military discipline should put a stop to that kind of snafu!

But, notice the administration mentions quarantine, like a blockade? Maybe that is something they can do?

Like the 14th century plague struck world

From Nova:
A number of European and Asian countries begin enforcing quarantines of infected regions by encircling them with armed guards. Those caught escaping from afflicted areas are returned and sometimes executed as a warning to others.

Yep, a nice dictatorial blockade of an desperate city would be right up Rumsfeld's alley.

The most disturbing thing about this plan is watching the Bush administration lunge from another failure to grab more power and go on to the next, while it tosses billions in taxpayer money to some of it's biggest corporate supporters.

The White House and the Congressional Republican just keep usurping rights, and no one seems to have any power to stop them, no matter how much they take from us.

Not so you say?

Well then read this Newsweek article and add the plans for using Military for enforcement of quarantines and disaster relief (or photo ops whichever is more convenient) with the fact that a provision is working its way through Congress, right now to give the Pentagon, Rumsfeld's Pentagon, more leeway in spying on Americans and to keep the surveillance secret.

The provision was included in last year’s version of the same bill, but was knocked out after its details were reported by NEWSWEEK and critics charged it could lead to “spying” on U.S. citizens. But late last month, with no public hearings or debate, a similar amendment was put back into the same authorization bill—an annual measure governing U.S. intelligence agencies—at the request of the Pentagon. A copy of the 104-page committee bill, which has yet to be voted on by the full Senate, did not become public until last week.

At the same time, the Senate intelligence panel also included in the bill two other potentially controversial amendments—one that would allow the Pentagon and other U.S. intelligence agencies greater access to federal government databases on U.S. citizens, and another granting the DIA new exemptions from disclosing any “operational files” under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). “What they are doing is expanding the Defense Department’s domestic intelligence activities in secret—with no public discussion,” said Kate Martin, director of the Center for National Security Studies, a civil-liberties group that is often critical of government actions in the fight against terrorism.

But Don Black, a DIA spokesman, said Wednesday that the new provisions were limited in scope and would only give the DIA the same investigative powers as the FBI and CIA

Then why not let the FBI or CIA do it? Possibly because Rumsfeld isn't the head of those departments?


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