Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bush's Majority is falling apart

Howard Fineman does an excellent examination of the makeup of Bush's majority and how it's falling apart.

He has a more nuanced evaluation of the various groups making up the Republican majority than I considered earlier, but the results are the same.

When you build just enough power to grab control and then feed the resources of the nation to your support groups, you get what few presidents have tried before in the US--tribalism. (I only see Reagan promoting tribalism in my lifetime, but possibly earlier leaders, like Calvin Coolidge, and Warren Harding, etc. were tribalists too.)

Interesting that Coolidge was re-elected during a time when many of the nation's individuals were just out for themselves, kinda like the current era.

We know what it took to get rid of the me first attitude that time. I hope we can find another way in the 21st century. Depression and War are not a pleasant scenario.


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