Tuesday, October 18, 2005

David Frum exposes Right Wing talking points parroting

Usually he's dishing them.

Now Axis-man (who penned 'axis of hate' phrase that Bush team changed to 'axis of evil' for 2002 SOTU Speech)
Frum is dissing Rove's talking points according to Howard Kurtz

Former Republican Party chairman Ed Gillespie says he's detected a whiff of sexism in the opposition to Miers. Fox News anchor Brit Hume has noted that many critics of the Southern Methodist University graduate went to elite Eastern schools.

This prompted Frum -- a proud graduate of Yale and Harvard Law -- to fire back at "Brit Hume's and Fred Barnes' embarrassing repetition of Ed Gillespie's talking points: 'Brawwwwwk-sexism; brawwwwwwk-elitism; brawwwwwwwwwk-Harvard; brawwwwwwwwwk; brawwwwwkk; brawwwwwk.' "

LOL, I've had to explain about their talking points to right wingers using the parrot sounds too, Dave.

But now what will you do the next time you want to use them?

More on Miers starts at:


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