Thursday, October 13, 2005

David Ignatius explains How the Republicans let it slip away.

Pretty good explanation but, I'm always am amazed how journalists are so very dispassionate about subjects.

Ingnatius calls the rage over the killing of 100k Iraqis (as of the summer of 2004 and not including either of the Fallujah massacres) as published in British Medical Journal. "the crucible of Iraq". O-o-o-o-o-k.

He also calmly explains how our democracy is slipping away but the excesses of the right may have them slipping out of office (I'm not holding my breath unless the liberal base stops being lazy and gets out and shares their ideas more with people on and offline).

It has been well noted by psychologists that people with power--if only the power to keep themselves from being totally overwhelmed by a disaster as a major columnist we assume would be-- just don't get as upset about things as the rest of us do.

Still he did manage to cover a lot and that's a lot for a mainstream journalist.

Article referenced is at link above.


Blogger musafir said...

You're a kindred spirit.

Although it feels good to see the Bushies squirming, the Democrats in Congress have not recovered from their craven position on Iraq. They wait and then slowly wade in on issues that need clear and strong statements about their positions. We need "thunder on the left".

There is no dearth of capable women but
without the women voters GWB wouldn't have won in 2004. A large number remains ambivalent about Roe v. Wade.
The death toll in Iraq has made too few women come forward and speak out about their loved ones who died or who are out there. They take shelter behind "a noble cause".

Keep posting.

9:54 AM  

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