Saturday, October 15, 2005

Eleanor Clift on Harriet Miers

Good analysis of the Harriet Miers fight by Eleanor Clift.

Also she:
Hits the Sexism claims by the administration (Including the "now I'm a politician and now I'm not so don't diss me" Laura Bush.)

The cute little notes between her and Bush put in with her "writings".

Her lack of real credentials:

I particularly like that one:
Miers spent most of her time at the White House shuffling papers. She was responsible for getting Bush his daily document minder, and it was always nice and neat. But the Supreme Court is not a patronage post. “It’s like putting your own personal accountant in charge of OMB [Office of Management and Budget],” says [a] former GOP staffer.

You mean they haven't done that?

(From Newsweek)

Then Clift touches on the Christian conservatives threatening to revolt because more the "movement conservatives" don't what to vote for a nominee that makes them look like fools.

Onward Christian Soldiers!

And Clift's conclusion shouldn't be missed.

And I still say that Bush needed someone with so little paper trail that he can escape blame no matter which way she votes.

I'll have to agree that in this case right here, the news is making some fine, entertainment, without keeping me up a lot at nights.

Tommorrow we'll have to face the 14% annual inflation the goverment has suddenly discovered. (Since Katrina and Rita I've noticed no hikes but gasoline. I suspect the country has been suffering from bad inflation most of the year and the Bush people are using the hurricanes to place the blame on. You can only hide double digit raises in the CPI for so long).

BTW did you see the LA Times article on Miers' on again--off again affair with Texas Supreme Court Justice Nathan Hecht?

The Rev. Ron Key, their pastor, said God called him to preach, not to play matchmaker. He said that in his long career as a minister, theirs was the only relationship that had ever tempted him to intervene.

"It's been great to watch — and a little puzzling sometimes," Key said. "Their relationship has been such a special one. Sometimes I think they wanted to protect how special it was by not getting married."


"We are good, close friends," he said Friday. "And we have been for all these years. We go to dinner. We go to the movies two or three times a year. We talk. And that's the best way to describe it. We are not dating. We are not seeing each other romantically. Not currently."

Hecht declined to discuss their relationship in much detail, though he said that the public should not conclude, based on their lofty positions, that they stay up all night debating heady legal issues.

"We don't dwell much on the reverse Commerce Clause," Hecht said with a laugh...

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