Monday, October 17, 2005

Federal Spending has grown by a third under Bush and Republican control of Congress

With the news media's kind help the federeal budget has risen a third since Bush took office while "while record budget surpluses turned to record deficits".

After Katrina, when the Congress had to look at actually spending money to help normal Americans a sudden revolt sprang up.

Media pundits try to lay blame on Tom Delay's troubles, but I've got a suspicion it would have been just the same.

If you remember the news media took to okaying a big federal government after 9/11. Suddenly it was okay as long it was for maiming, killing, and keeping track of Americans and oh yeah, some kind of disaster response. But then it turned out the disaster response was organized by the president's cronies, and mainly meant throwing contracts at favored corporations (as did pre-disaster Homeland Security spending).

But worst of all was the prospect of massive spending on the poor people of the Gulf Coast region. After passing a bill stuffed with record pork just a couple of months earlier, Republicans are in revolt.

Instead of raising taxes a little to help pay for Katrina-Rita aid they will get their pound of flesh from Americans.

Bush 41 did help start a recovery, he did it by acting like a Democrat raising taxes on the wealthy. Just a little tax hike on the wealthiest. Bush 43 and the Republicans should grow up a little bit and start acting like adults.


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