Saturday, October 22, 2005

Fitzgerald's now a Blogger!

Washington Post

Welcome to the crowd, sir!


Okay, we know it's not a blog.

But I know where you can pick up a great dancing gorilla to jazz things up!

(Now we know why he didn't pick me to design it.)

Expert says that site shows that investigator is not going to be packing up any time soon.

NY Time's article's pundits say that cover-up will be an important part of the charges. (That's lego-speak for "Obstruction of Justice", Mr. Bolton.)

Both articles say more than Rove and Libby may be indicted.

Many people are hoping for some nice "Frog Walks", but as with Delay they will probably dodge in quietly and get the smiling pic and post bail. (Guys we have a group out here, call Lipstick Bailbonds, supposed to be the hottest thing in town. Check and see if DC has something similar. The thugs around my town say it sure is a nice change from the regular sweaty bondsmen.)

BTW, the Times article goes into more explicit detail (no not about the bondsladies) about why
Rove and Libby have been advised that they may be in serious legal jeopardy...

More on Miller and Plamegate at tith:
Also see:


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