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The "Forgotten Source" of Plame Gate

As we see, in an investigation likely to reach to the heights that the "Plame Leak" case will, most witnesses know by instinct, lawers advice, or collusion that they only have to remember those things that the evidence clearly shows they remember. If you recall in Iran-Contra, it was not only the president (who was known for having memory problems) that suddenly developed major cases of amnesia. Otherwise treason at the highest levels would have been exposed that reached beyond the scope of the Iran Contra hearing, say some experts. It helped greatly that the idependent investigator was a conservative republican with no taste for exposing Reagan in his infirm state to the consequenses of a finding of treason. This according to Leon Walsh's words on a talk show about the time his book came out. (This source report's Walsh's findings on Reagan, but does not appear to be related to the talk show discussion mentioned here.)

It is interesting then that Fitzgerald's Investigation is authorized to go beyond just investigating the leak, as well.

A pattern is emerging as two of the most important witnesses in the Valerie Plame controversy suddenly cannot remember a leaker that might have been the original source for classified information being made public though Scooter Libby might have passed other classified information on to Miller.*

This "forgotten 'man'" would know quite a bit about the nation's staff which would be tracking the hidden proliferation of WMDs. As you may remember Valerie Plame was involved in that effort as a unofficial cover agent. (Unofficial cover means the government will not reveal you as their agent -- even if it would save your life for them to do so -- well, unless it's the Bush administration and they want to score some political points.) The reason for Ms. Plame getting unofficial cover is explained pretty well in Focusing on the real issues of the Plame case. One source said up to 90 agents may have been killed due to Ms. Plame's exposure. Find link to original site of information in here) Not only was Ms. Plame exposed, but the front organization that she worked for was instantly exposed, and every contact in foreign nations that dealt with them were equally put out to dry by the simple act of whispering "Valerie Plame is CIA".

This was not about tea parties and spying on what color some leaders underwear are. This was about nonproliferation of WMDs! Our system of secretly learning which countries are clandestinely developing WMDs must have been destroyed by the leakers.

But who is the forgotten source? Who knew about insider nonproliferation data. Who had security clearance to see CIA info?

Possibly the Undersecretary of State for Nonproliferation in 2003? This man has recently been promoted to a very important position -- representing the United States to the U.N., so I can't just direct you to his bio as he was placed in 2003.

Other things we know about the case are that Bolton was a regular source for Judith Miller on all the lies she passed on from the Bush administration, which used her to build their case for the invasion of Iraq.

Being in the Department of State means he was someone outside of the White House.

R.E. Judith Miller:
The Times reported that the same notebook Miller used to record her conversations with Libby in 2003 contains the name "Valerie Flame" _ a misspelled reference to the covert CIA officer.

Fitzgerald asked Miller to explain how Valerie Plame appeared in the same notebook the reporter used in interviewing her confidential source, Libby. Miller replied that she "didn't think" she heard Plame's name from Libby.
Washington Post

Well, again this might just be convenient -- you can't prove I do remember -- about Libby; or -- since Libby is probably going down anyway -- who is there that is not tainted so far, who knows the U.S. effort on nonproliferation and is one of the Bush administration's inner cabal?

Remember the neocon mantra--if you take care of us, we have friends in big business that will take care of you. So don't worry about the future of Ms. Judith Miller. She'll be doing fine.

Now it is revealed that Karl Rove has developed amnesia about his original source.

Please remember that this is not about whether people can remember details of very important conversations two years on. This scandal erupted within days of Robert Novak's column

By September 30, 2003 Congress people were calling for a special investigation.

Is it really possible that Rove, and Miller were not aware until a year and a half later that they would be held accountable for the information, or even be called to witness what they supposedly did or did not know?

Would it not behoove anyone involved in that scandal to immediately record for future use everything they do know in the case? This was about treason.

Those who are so incompetent as to not care to adequately prepare for an investigation of this importance should not be working in important government or journalistic jobs -- though I'm sure McDonalds has openings they could handle.

Come back to life, Judith. The life of working over a hot grill for below minimum wage instead of making the big bucks passing on neocon lies.

Watch the patties turn color. Those McDonald's outlets are all interconnected you know and your good friend Libby will probably be working at one too. To his credit, though, Scooter seems to have retained his memory (as far as the public knows at this time.

Meanwhile, John Bolton gets to keep playing his game at the U.N., where he can do more damage than ever.

BTW, Charges are likely to be announced this week in the case Senator Bailey's spinning on "Perjury charges shows the Republicans are expecting bad news.

*Another article published later that this post agrees on the connection of 'amnesia' (my word) between The Plame leak case and Iran Contra.

The lawyer for US vice president Dick Cheney's former top aide is outlining a possible criminal defence that is a time-honoured tradition in Washington scandals: A busy official immersed in important duties cannot reasonably be expected to remember details of long-ago conversations.


"As lawyers, we recognise that a person's recollection and memory of events will not always match those of other people, particularly when they are asked to testify months after the events occurred."

The lack-of-memory defence ... worked ... Iran-Contra...

New 24 (SoAfrica)

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I have followed this matter with reasonable care, but there is one glaring question to which I have seen no answer: WHY is Robert Novak given a pass? I have seen nothing to explain why he has not been hauled in front of the grand jury (or gone to jail for refusing to cooperate)or any indication that he has been questioned as to HIS source. What am I missing?.

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