Sunday, October 09, 2005

How to save 10,000 people

Imagine this.

A natural disaster strikes somewhere in the world, within the US or otherwise.

Once again we watch in horror as a third world country (even the US which turned into a 3rd world country over New Orleans because the Christian conservatives and others of Bush's base don't like the city) is unable to meet the need for their people.

30,000 thousand feared dead

Or, instead we have a large force in the US military that is ready, equipped, and skilled in rescuing people from large scale disasters.

Imagine the winning hearts and minds factor of actually rushing in to help save maybe a third of those who would have died in a natural disaster such as we are seeing.

We might never have to invade a country again to get rid of terrorists. What country would want to harbor terrorists that might strike the nation that is capable and willing to save their people?

We would get a healthier army if they are trained as savers as well as protectors of our nation.

And when our own country suffers from a catastrophy units would know what to do automatically. (And yes, one of the great heroic acts of New Orleans was a helicopter wing commander who called the Pentagon on Monday morning, the day that Katrina hit and asked permission to start helicopter rescues as soon as the weather permitted--something a wing commander would be able to ascertain on his own. He did not receive a reply until Tuesday afternoon nearly a full day after the levees burst. He needed a faster response, and the people of New Orleans needed more helicopter squadrons and faster. They also needed the DHS, FEMA, an national guard to have solved the problem of -- we should have seen it coming -- communication problems. I guess some of that extra dough that went to interior red states from the DHS could have been spent on better satellite phone or extra batteries for the ones that the leaders and rescue personnel of New Orleans had.)

Of course, this would cost rich people and/or corporations a few more bucks in taxes.

It's you decision, and your lives in case you and/or your family needs rescue sometime in the future.

Also, one fact that most of the media forgets to mention about New Orleans is that it was in its particular position which put it in danger because it is a major deep water port that serves a large portion of the midwest. It behooves the US to protect our ports (they have received a small portion of the money that DHS should have given them to protect themselves) or our ports should virtually 'secede' and start charging the kinds of fees they need to truly protect themselves and their people. That might triple the price of your next TV. It's your decision. Think about it the next time you go watch something on the tube, ingoring the Bush administration misdeeds and the Republicans in Congress who always ultimately do as the executive branch asks, even subverting the normal proceedures of Congress to get passed bills that meet the Bush adminsistration demands. This happened again just days ago. See Shame, Shame, Shame


Blogger musafir said...

Pie in the sky. Not going to happen, certainly not under a Republican administration, and not even under Democrats. The Military Industrial Complex exists and its influence is far-reaching. As long as our elected representatives depend on campaign funding from corporations and special interest groups, they will be limited as to what they can do for welfare of the people.

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