Saturday, October 29, 2005

Hurricane Coverage Dumb?

Well, yeah, but what about articles about hurricane coverage?

Actually Marc Peyser's article denouncing television hurricane coverage gets it right as far as it goes, but doesn't go on to why most news incorporates a lot of dumb stuff. It's to avoid having to stick ones neck out on important news that will offend the fat cats that pay our modern professional journalists and their superiors the big bucks they get.

Instead, of course Peyser, makes a diss of everyone on TV hurricane news coverage.

One thing he certainly gets wrong. He says that a TV reporter standing in the full fury of the hurricane right outside his hotel room is not really covering news. In this case that's not true. It really doesn't matter where you are outside in a hurricane. That is the news spot.

Peyser's comment is like saying a reporter in Iraq standing outside the Palestine after the truck bombing last week wasn't really covering news.

Maybe fewer folks of wobbly mind might realized you had infinitely superior wisdom, Mr. Peyser, but you would have been fairer if you hadn't made that allegation.

But this brings up a point: The only thing that a news outlet likes better than dumping on another news outlet is dumping on another news medium.

Maybe if they stopped playing those games they would all have more time to make the news the kind of educating, thought provoking resource we knew 40 years ago.


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