Saturday, October 22, 2005

J'accuse! Bolton says Syria is obstructing justice

And he did it in such a manner reminiscent of the president. He pretends to know more than you do:

Mr. Bolton, who termed Mr. Mekdad's denials "ridiculous," accused Syria of failing to cooperate with the investigators, which, he said, was "diplospeak for obstruction of justice."

Well, duh! Mr. Ambassador.

Um, don't look now, but nearly every nation in the world does it as one time or another. Nations are not people. How many times have conservatives said they didn't want a world government. Now the Bush people do want that.

Yes, it's time once a again to rattle sabers and throw an international tantrum.

Bush Pushes U.N. to Move Swiftly on Syria Report

It worked last time. Bush got everyone's eyes off the fact that both he and Cheney had committed major corporate malfeasance by starting his saber rattling towards Iraq. And we all know how that worked out. With nearly every Republican Congressional voting in lock step with the Bush administration, the question is: Who do we save this time. Do we try to save Syria, or do we save the U.S. first?

A Washimgton Post article has a lot of important Middle Eastern people declaiming on the subject but none say the "i" word.


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