Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Journalism community turns on Times, Miller

The news community that raised Judith Miller on their shouldiers as heroine just a while ago is shredding her and the Gray Lady after articles in the Times this weekend giving details on Miller's and involvement in the Plame leak case and how the famous journalist was treated by the editors above her according to an AP report.

Some are saying Miller should be fired.
The reaction stemmed from a pair of articles published in the Times over the weekend, which revealed several surprising new details about Miller's work covering the Bush Administration's search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

...Among the revelations [including only that which we have not covered on this blog before]: She said she had agreed to identify [Scooter Libby-doesn't that guy have another name?] in a story only as a "former Hill staffer," even though he worked, not for congress, but for Cheney.

And apparently Ms Miller was so loosely controlled that she named herself "Miss Runamok"

The Times had a star they thought was flameproof, and valuable and they let her run it seems to me. And from what we saw in 2003 she ran straight to the neocons. Because, from what we know, even more so in journalism than in government playing the game the neocons' way one is virtually assured of winning big.

Greg Mitchell, the editor of the journalism trade publication Editor & Publisher, said Miller should be fired for failing to provide her own paper with a full accounting of her conduct.

"It's not enough that Judith Miller, we learned Saturday, is taking some time off and `hopes' to return to the New York Times newsroom. As the newspaper's devastating account of her Plame games _ and her own first-person sidebar _ make clear, she should be promptly dismissed for crimes against journalism, and her own newspaper," Mitchell said in an online column.

Alex Jones, a former New York Times reporter who now directs the Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, said the newspaper owes readers a deeper investigation into Miller's conduct.

"The credibility of The New York Times is at stake," he said. "She either needs to be given a clean bill of health, or she needs to be told that she can't represent the Times anymore."

He said the Times needs to explain how Miller obtained government security clearance, and the nature of her relationship with Libby.

"Judy's reputation is in tatters right now," he said.

I think Miller was one of the test subjects for the neocon's media manipulation. And she sang their song beautifully, but she wasn't a very good journalist. She got her news the easy way, by letting the Bush administration tell her what was news and truth. When on the verge of losing people's respecct, she sought prison. It all used to work out so well.

Now a little daylight has shown on the news media, brought on by themselves. It will be good if they can keep paying that electric bill.

And, oh yeah, there's nothing that one news organization likes better than trashing another one.

This time though they have good reason.

Journalism community turns on Times, Miller


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