Friday, October 21, 2005

Links for later

Ancient Peruvians Went Out With a Bash

U.S. Widens Offensive In Far Western Iraq
Japanese Princess Weds in Low-Key Ceremony
Review of 'Plan B' Pill Is Faulted
Safer Smallpox Vaccines In Works
Bernanke Unwrapped
Host Marriott To Buy 38 Hotels
Internet Phone Subscriptions Up by a Third in 3 Months
Shareholder Pressure Leads Knight Ridder to Announce Sale
Greenspan Says Policy Has Little Effect on Trade Gap
Alleged 'Cell Phone Bandit' in Custody
From 'I'm Gonna Die' To Helping Save Others
Families Try, Fail to Talk to Bishops
D.C. to Seek More Money From Baseball Officials
D.C. Schools See Opportunity to Pare Back
Pioneering D.C. Judge Beat Racial Odds With Wisdom
Dow Jones Seeks Access To Documents In Libby Case
DeLay's Lawyer to Ask Court for Early December Trial Date
D.C. Schools See Opportunity to Pare Back
Another Set of Scare Tactics
The Ginsburg Fallacy
Ivy-Covered Court

Martha Stewart's 'The Apprentice' Is No Perennial
"White Death" Is A Losing Strategy
Dealing With Detainees
Mr. Contrition Skips Concord for Boston


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