Saturday, October 08, 2005

List of missing kids still 2329 names long

What a tragedy. People involved claim that kids are probably with relatives, but shouldn't we be sure?

Exploitation, sexploitation anything could be happening to those kids.

Why are we letting this slide?

Now, I do not doubt the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is doing whatever it can, that it is qualified for what it had been doing for many years, making an attempt to recover missing children albeit on a much smaller scale. One would want to know their success record though in that core job they've been doing for years--not just in getting faces on milk cartons, but in getting kids home--but the article doesn't mention that.

But the fact is that a moderate sized non profit cannot take on the results of a disaster characterized by the government as more massive than the Bush administration could handle effectively.

The non-profit got major news media to run vignettes and pictures of the missing tykes for six days, and then media personnel decided that most of the children were probably already with relatives. The Center seems to accept the reasoning of the media people.

Many of these people had to leave immediately. Many of them lost everything they owned, so few of them had photos of children and the kind of descriptive information that we are used to when we are looking for missing children. Normally, most of our cases are criminal in nature and we are working very closely with law enforcement. There’s a searching parent who can give us a photo of the child. What I historically tell people is that we find America’s missing children through use of images and information. In this case, there were [often] no images. We had to put people on the ground and send them into the shelters to take images of these children. And when you have the sheer magnitude of this problem, it was a really daunting challenge.

Luckily though the president of the center says:
We know that of the remaining number, probably, a vast majority involves situations where the kid is fine and well cared for.

Too much responsibility for a suddenly deputized non-profit even with the support of law enforement? And they don't know where the kids are, but they know they're fine.
Nice look at how privatized government works.
Fractured Families

Or maybe the malaise is just because, you know, it's New Orleans. As in "Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown*" . Cue music.

*"Chinatown" represents an area dominated by 'poverty' and subject to racist disdain that the people in authority cut loose to float or sink on its own. The chance that privatized family rescue might work better in a natural disaster or terror attack in another area is one we'll have to take as long as we are electing supply side and privatizing government types. I doubt that it would. The Chinatown statement above was humor built upon the amazing hatred that many on the right have towards New Orleans, but not necessarily an attempt at analysis. "Chinatown" seems to be anyplace that is not extrememly affluent and or powerful these days. And if you are affluent, and/or powerful they have daily talking points for you.


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