Thursday, October 06, 2005

LOL Supreme Court Judging for Dummies

Must see commentary by Andy Borowitz

What is really at work with Harriet (is her middle name really Ellan?) Miers is that Bush needed someone without a paper trail.

Not just to hide her views from the Senate and the public, but to hide them (seemingly) from himself.

Whichever way she is going to vote in the next Roe v Wade decision, he may know, but he can plausibly say that he didn't.

I'm suspecting that really she won't vote to shut down Roe v Wade entirely, though the conservatives on the court may stay on their march to gut the right to privacy for various people like minors.

But Bush as a representive of the Republicans will be able to pretend that it really isn't his fault.

The extremity to which the president had to go to create that impression leads to the inherent comedy in the selection.

Even the name Harriet Miers makes one want to giggle. And don't get me wrong lots of women's names would not have done that.

Either Williams, or Brown would have made many of us mad, but they would have been deemed competent. Others that floated around seemed more like true compromise candidates.

Bush's choice, on the other hand, seems like a freebie to every political comic in the nation--scratch that--the world.


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