Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Me Firstism helped make Texas evacuation deadlier than Hurricane Rita

Families took multiple cars, some took boats, trailers, and most of their stuff too. Such a save yourself and your stuff scenario helped make the evacuation before Hurricane Rita an unnatural disaster.

But I don't want to sound like a self righteous Texan politician, because who taught the people of Texas to look out for themselves instead of helping others and taking only what they needed? Why the politicians, clergy and wealthy and powerful people of the state filled with me first fever.

There were also things that the government did to exascerbate the problem. Um for one ever letting that sleazy transportion company Global Limo Inc take part in the evacuation. The state govt. had many warnings on the company. It would be interesting to see who the owners of that company gave contributions to.

Also, there was no plan, They should have had a evacuation plan stating who had priority in an evacuation, and who needed to get out of the way first. And there should have been a plan to keep gas stations stocked with fuel and possibly extra mechanics. FEMA trucks could pass out water and ice and mres to evacuees even before the storm. Well, no FEMA under Bush couldn't.

Officials say they don't want to tell people how to evacuate. But what about just saying it before hand. Take only what you need. Take as many people as you can. Take your most reliable automobile.

Read Houston Chronicle: Extra autos clogged routes

Also see: In Texas, more people died in evacuation than from effects of storm.


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