Thursday, October 27, 2005

Miers is Out


Nice Smokescreen, Mr. President.

Harriet Miers Withdraws Nomination

Oh, so that's why

Miers's Law Firm Sold Documents Backing Arrangement the IRS Criticized

Miers's Letter to President Bush

"To the Smartest Man I ever Knew"

But Froomkin has the best analysis (or at least the funniest one) of the Miers' withdrawal.

Facing unprecedented ferocious challenges on a variety of fronts, the White House is suddenly adopting a shocking new tactic: Full-out strategic treat.

And points out it might not be the distraction from the looming indictments some of us thought it was at first glance (I'm not naming names but one such person is typing on a key board right now).

He happily points out that he believes Krauthammer's column earlier pointed to this. I thought so too, but got flack from others for reading the guy. But if you want to know what a group is going to do, read their talking points pushers on the subject. Especially one of their pundits that a group which is extremely friendly to their side awarded a quarter of a million dollars to last year for being the best talking points pusher. Thank you. (No it didn't get to this blog. I should have put it down so I could show people, but didn't.) (Also, no I am not getting Krauthammer mixed up with Armstrong William who was offered a quarter of a million taxpayer dollars to push administration talking points (but never recieved all the money according to subsequent reporting, IIRC). Krauthammer won a $250K prize from a group very close to the RNC. It was a pretty obvious ploy, too, but it didn't get much play on television in its true implications so who'd notice. Look! There's another oil company commercial. Aren't they great people? I hope my son grows up to be an oilman.


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