Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Miers Supported Ban on Most Abortions

On a questionaire filled out in 1989 Harriet Miers checked answers that give pro choice people nightmares (Details at links below. The source is easy to access, and usually keeps it's articles live for long periods.)

The questionaire was filled out when Miers was a candidate for Dallas City Council according to this ABC report. The rest of the report treats the questionaire as a good indication of her views.

In this ABC report a White House spokesman is trying to waffle for the Supreme Court Nominee apparently to wink wink nudge nudge to pro choice people.

Apparently, the White House and RNC conference callers have been busy this morning.

They certainly are trying to portray Miers as a Burger King candidate. Whatever you want, she is it.

I want mine with extra pickles.

See also: Miers Backed Abortion Ban in 1989

More on Miers starts at:


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