Monday, October 03, 2005

Most govt. funded 'news' found to be 'illegal'

Maggie Gallagher squeaked by because she performed other tasks for the govt. Amstrong Williams did not as he could show no evidence that he did other work for which the government paid him $181k.

In fact, Williams pitch to the Dept of Education
proposed to "win the battle for media space" with commentaries that "will amount to passive endorsements from the media outlets that carry them."

Congress (as noted in Mr.Lee's article) had issued a ban on covert propaganda in 2003 in response, IIRC, to a White House announced plan to create a propaganda department to spread news favorable to the US, but overseas.

Many people realized what the White House announcement really meant from the first, but, of course, few of those who receive large salaries for reporting and/or evaluating the news for the American public mentioned such a possibility.

Things might have been different if they had. Maybe the public would have been more skeptical when presented with the pre-invasion lies on Iraq.

More in Christopher Lee's report GAO Issues Mixed Ruling on Payments to Columnists

Karen Ryan, the reporter which pimped for the 2003 Medicare bill while not disclosing that she worked directly for the government also did one for the the Education department.
In the course of its work, the accountability office discovered a previously undisclosed instance in which the Education Department had commissioned a newspaper article. The article, on the "declining science literacy of students," was distributed by the North American Precis Syndicate and appeared in numerous small newspapers around the country. Readers were not informed of the government's role in the writing of the article, which praised the department's role in promoting science education.

The auditors denounced a prepackaged television story disseminated by the Education Department. The segment, a "video news release" narrated by a woman named Karen Ryan, said that President Bush's program for providing remedial instruction and tutoring to children "gets an A-plus."

Ms. Ryan also narrated two videos praising the new Medicare drug benefit last year. In those segments, as in the education video, the narrator ended by saying, "In Washington, I'm Karen Ryan reporting."
Buying of News by Bush's Aides Is Ruled Illegal

I wonder where she is now. Making videos selling hemorrhoid creme on videos that claim to be news reports?

LOL I just googled Ms. Ryan's name and found that my guess might not be far off.

"Over the last few years, literally hundreds of stations have run -- as news -- items 'reported' by Ryan, pushing everything from Excedrin to 'a new ear infection treatment called Ciprodex.'" Roth added, "Ryan is as happy to shill for public interest groups as for corporations and government agencies...."

Center for Media and Democracy


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Andrew Williams? You don't even know who you're "LOL"-ing at. Why does The Beast link to you?

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