Saturday, October 08, 2005

New York Mayor donates wads to GOP. Does he cooperate in Bush administration terra scams too?

Excerpt from NY Times:
But when it comes to donating money to politicians, Mr. Bloomberg's Republican bona fides are as good as they get, judging from his campaign finance records. As mayor, he gave $250,000 to the same Republican party-building effort that Representative Tom DeLay is now charged with using to launder political money. Mr. Bloomberg has also doled out thousands of dollars to politicians who are far more conservative than he is.

For Mr. Bloomberg, whose campaign slogan casts him as "a leader, not a politician," this pattern of giving may be the most partisan-driven aspect of his life in politics.

Mr. Bloomberg's aides say the donations advance the interests of New York with the political party that controls Washington and federal funds for the city. Yet in the case of his $250,000 donation, in 2002, Mr. Bloomberg was also aiding a major goal of the party that had nothing to do with urban issues: bringing more Republicans to power in statehouses and legislatures.

The recipient of the $250,000, the Republican National State Elections Committee, is the political vehicle that Mr. DeLay is accused of using to violate election laws in Texas, his home state. Mr. DeLay says he is innocent, and Mr. Bloomberg's donation was unrelated to Mr. DeLay and has not been questioned.

Mr. Bloomberg also gave $140,000 to New York Republicans to elect more members to the State Assembly and Senate, and $25,000 to the Republican National Committee. Asked about Mr. Bloomberg's support for expanding Republican control in state capitals, Ed Skyler, a spokesman, said the goal was to enhance the mayor's influence with Republicans in positions to help the city.
Mayor May Not Shout G.O.P., but at Times His Checkbook Does

Uh huh, um and why, Mr. Only turned Republican to win a primary, can't you support expanding Democratic power and work with them?

Does the extraordinary amounts of money that supposed RINO Bloomberg gave to Republicans only affect NYC in their coming election?

Or did he work with the Bush "inner circle" to try to validate Bush's assertions in his speech this week?

Washington Post's article on threat.

How convenient that a 'threat' from Iraq pops up to quell the laughter after Bush's "Booga, Booga" talk in which the president promoted staying in Iraq aas a major component for an effective War On Global Terrorism (WOGTA). (Besides, we haven't gotten that oil for Halliburton yet, really.)

The subway threat is being questioned even within Bush's cabinet. (Most noticeably the Homeland Security Department, said the threat was "of doubtful credibility.") (I'm guessing "Cherry" doesn't get a fruitcake this year, does get a resignation slip with "want to spend more time with my family" already filled in the 'reason' space in the near future if he can't "get" the team spirit at Club Bush.)

And who made that threat against the Washington Monument? Someone should do a *69 on it. "Mayor Bloomberg's Office" might be what we'd hear coming from the earpiece.

Booga, Booga!

(Yes, I know they've determined that the call came from the DC area. That last part was just a joke.)


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