Saturday, October 08, 2005

Read Tom Delay's House of Shame

It shows the end result of government for the corporations and the rich and powerful.

From what I've read. Dick Nixon learned his lesson.

You can't running a ogligarchy by focusing on ordinary people's needs.

Plain old Joe hates the idea of the diminishment of Democracy even when it favors himself (supposing himself is not a minority or someone who politically opposes the president).

Word is that Nixon advised Reagan to take care of Big Business and the wealthy and they will take care of you.

After Poppy Bush wasn't able to keep control with that base since Reagan had left a huge deficit which dragged down Bush 41's economy, the socially conservative were added to the base to be "taken care of" for Bush Jr.'s turn. Not taken care of as the wealthy are -- as in keeping the individuals well greased with taxpayer money, but -- you know -- giving them the dicatorial control of people's personal lives they wanted and shoveling money to pastors and other operatos of faith based charities.

A giant child of tricky Dick, Delay is just a natural outgrowth of that philosophy that you choose a majority -- any majority particularly the most powerful or the easiest to please or control -- and then funnel the resources of the nation to them and they take care of you in return. Now if this had happened in Africa the news and analysis types would call it tribalism, but here in America we call it...

"Hmmm. Lets see what's on TV. This news and analysis stuff is boring."*

Delay's House of Shame

*Actually for the US there is no name for it beside GOP politics. And that's why it has been able to last so long.


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