Monday, October 24, 2005

Republicans try to hide behind Bill Clinton's and Martha Stewart's pants!

The Bill Clinton impeachment was such an obvious set up by the House that had newly come under the power of the Republicans.

Even his crime was a set up forcing him to either admit to infidelity in public and in front of his family or to commit a crime. The question was a completely unecessary add on to another case that was dropped altogether. Simply used to try to remove a sitting president.

Martha Stewart was investigated for a crime that was worth about $40k. Yet her case went to trial and indeed she completed her sentence before Ken Lay even spent serious time in a courtroom over Enron's theft of millions of people, some of whom lost their entire life savings.

Yes, both cases were set ups over less than serious crimes.

Outing a CIA officer is a serious offense. Even if Rove and Libby get off because the law on that is hideously lax forcing the court to prove that people knew they were outing a clandestine operative, the act of outing Valerie Plame did serious damage to our nations ability to track the attempts of other nations to create nuclear weapons with which to use against our nation.

Controlling proliferation also keeps those weapons out of the hands of terrorists without turning out country into a Stalinist state.

See the "Focusing on the real issues of the Plame case" link below.

More on the CIA leak case at tith:
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