Saturday, October 08, 2005

Romania quarantines village where ducks tested positive for Bird Flu

Note: "Quarantine" is derived from the Italian for "40" as Italian leaders required 40 days of quarantine of ships arriving from plague infected locales.

Romanian officials quarantined a Danube delta village of about 30 people Friday after three dead ducks there tested positive for bird flu -- the first such cases reported in the region.

Agriculture Minister Gheorghe Flutur said the virus found in the farm-raised ducks came from migrating birds from Russia.

And while it is difficult for the virus to spread from birds to humans, authorities were taking no chances. They sealed off the village of Ciamurlia and banned hunting and fishing in eight counties in the region.

Romania also suspended imports of chickens and other poultry from 15 countries, most of them in Asia.

There have been no immediate reports of sickness in the village. Flutur said officials were working to get vaccinations and medication to the people affected by the quarantine.

Romania isolates bird flu village

The punchline here is the question of how to "quarantine" a region when the main vector of speading the disease is hundred of thousands of flying, migrating birds.

Get Rummy to send in troops to trap people in their infected cities? The president suggested he would so in a recent speech if Bird Flu hit the US. It can't possibly help unless you shoot down all the birds too.

HHS Secretary, Mike Leavitt noted the other day that the White House intends to send help to "confine" bird flu whereever in the world it pops up. He meant where it had passed to humans already.

Well, at least Bush can say he's not the first leader to go medieval on its citizens over the global threat of bird flu.

Also: WHO says that bird flu may be aquiring Spanish flu-like abilities to infect humans.

Read Break up of collective farming in Vietnam helped to promote bird flu.


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