Monday, October 31, 2005

Scooter and Cheney thought they were saving the republic.

Excerpt from
Cheney's Cheney:The vice president and his chief aide often shared bits of secret information, so perhaps it was unremarkable that on June 12, 2003 (according to the indictment handed up last week), Dick Cheney told Scooter Libby that Joe Wilson's wife worked for the Counterproliferation Division in the CIA's secret Directorate of Operations, also known as the Clandestine Service. Libby had been agitating to find out more about Wilson, an ex-diplomat who had been telling reporters that the administration's main case for going to war in Iraq—that Saddam had WMDs—was bogus.


It is a good bet that Cheney and Libby did not think they were conspiring to trash a political foe by ruining his wife's career as an undercover agent. Given their view of themselves and their roles in the world, especially post 9/11, it is much more likely they believed that they were somehow safeguarding the republic.

And neither did Aldrich Ames think he was hurting the US by exposing secrets to the USSR.

There is a certain arrogance of mind that makes a type of person think that they know what is best for others. To fight that maybe we should develop a kind of government in which that shouldn't be the mind set of our leaders. We could call it something like how about "Democracy"?

Evan Thomas has written a long puff piece on Libby, Cheney, and the Bush administration, catching lots of right wing talking points as they continue to trash the CIA and build up the Bush administration.

He ignores the fact that most of what Ms. Miller wrote about Iraq and WMDs had been shown to be lies a long time ago as she took her info uncritically from Bush administration people and did no other checking outside the White House's inner cabal. But info from Libby about smallpox sent to Iraq? That could have been passed by the Undersecretary of Nonproliferation at the time (now US Ambassador to the UN despite the opposition of the Senate). Indeed John Bolton is known by some Washington insiders to have been passing Ms. Miller the koolaid on the subject of supposed WMDs in Iraq.

I'd love to ask Evan Thomas if he ranks high enough to get the conference calls or if he just gets the emails.

More articles on the Plame leak case on tith:


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