Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Suddenly found email from Rove reveals the threats that Bush administration use against the media

...Rove wrote Hadley, adding that he warned Cooper not to get "far out in front on this."

Every newsman needs scoops to make his name, but as has been shown that if a journalist sticks his neck out on a story that hurts the Bush people, they attempt to destroy him or her, usually doing substantial damage. That is the threat Rove made to Matt Cooper.

The right wing doesn't even need the truth on their side, only the Rove talking points supplied to right wing media and futher threats to other news outlets.

Take the case of the Bush TANG memos.

The original post on Free Republic that set off the right wing blogosphere and pundits on charges that the "typeface" as used in the memos was not available in the 70s--a charge that was later completely disproven--was made by a guy who lives pretty dang close to ... wait for it...Karl Rove. This was reported out by the LA Times. It was not able to find a direct link between the poster and KR, but it seems pretty suspicious.)

The memos were never proven to be fakes they just lacked a high standard of substantiation themselves.

Yet you probably think they were fakes. Because of the similar theats made to other newspeople report more of the right wing side than on the facts. Within one year Robert Scheer's editor received 8 threatening calls from the White House about his columns.

One reporter said that under the Bush administration even Watergate wouldn't have gotten the coverage it needed to bring down Dick Nixon.

And here we have Rove admitting that he himself offers thinly veiled threats to news people in an email to another Bush administration insider.

Cheers, Karl.

It also shows lying, hiding evidence. Some analysts think that, like Watergate, it's the coverup in Plamegate that will bring down some of the most important people of the Bush administration.


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