Sunday, October 16, 2005

To read later

Media Tangled in Lobbyist Case The Lobbyist spy case. You know the one in which 2 members from AIPAC were caught spying on the US, right?

Deduction Eruption

Video Helps Open Market For the Deaf

1950s Suburb Evolves With Time

Life and Hope Flow From Palestinian Boy's Death

Hotel Bombings in Jordan Fuel Anger at Exiles
Deal Reached On German Government

'SNL in the '80s': The Last Laugh On a Trying Decade

Keep the Internet Free By Arch Puddington. Arch Puddington? Tell me that's made up, please.

After a Speedy Recovery, Blatche Is Feeling Blessed

Five to Watch in the D.C. Mayor's Race
Asterisks Dot White House's Iraq Argument

Paris Steps Up Security After Internet Tip
Government Enters Fray Over BlackBerry Patents I wonder if they gave discounts or special pricing to the government wonks. Interesting new theory of business. If you make yourself indispecible to the halls of power they will protect you. Well, no, I guess that's nothing new.

Bernanke Would Lead With Words As Well as Rates, Fed Observers Say
Contractor Overbilled FAA, Audit Shows

Management Visionary Peter Drucker Dies
Group Trains Air Force Cadets to Proselytize
Angry AU Students Lash Out at Trustees

Taking No Chances on Sex Ed Charles Board Moves to Prevent More Open Curriculum

Rising to Occasion, 3 Veterans Ride to Memorial in a Hot Dog
Facing Their Memories
Katrina Adds to Patois of 'Nu Orlans'

The High Court Looks Abroad
Bush Spars With Critics Of the War
Bush Forcefully Attacks Iraq Critics

U.S. Scientist Leaves Joint Stem Cell Project


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