Tuesday, October 18, 2005

To work on later:

No More Blank-Check Wars
Is this possible under this administration?

Vinick Sways Voters, er, Viewers on 'West Wing' Hmmm After 5 years of the Bush administratoin maybe young people are being turned off to 'heroic'.

Antiwar Sermon Brings IRS Warning

Torture, Shaming Us All

Getting rid of glasses for good

The War in Iraq: What Next for Democratic Opposition?

Painkillers up blood pressure

Va. Voters Head to the Polls

2 Protesters Arrested After Going Topless(Disabled link)

Do you believe female members of the group Breasts Not Bombs should be allowed to go topless in public protests?
Yes. It's free expression.
(1579 responses)
No. It's offensive.
(408 responses)
1987 total responses

Nuff said

Va. Day Laborers Being Photographed, Followed Is this 'teacher' working here legally?

Grokster Surrenders to Labels

Md. Woman Charged With Killing Boyfriend

Hip-hop strips down, gets intimate(not what you think)

Big Names Join Final Push in Governor's Race

Oil Execs to Be Asked to Justify ProfitsCn we say that the 2006 election year begins 'now'?

Steele Aims to Erode Democrats' Black Support
In other words--send more money.

Today's Voting Could Be Test for GOP

Meth Comes Out of the Closet
Meth in the nation's capital? Now maybe we will get some action. But wait the report only points to gay people so unless the rumors are true....

What the heck is a hedge fund and what do these people do, anyway?

Clinical Hypnosis: Not a Stunt, but a Focused Mental State
So how does that make a person quack like a duck?

New Orleans Is Still Grappling With the Basics of Rebuilding

Long-Predicted Flu Finally Tops Agenda

Hypnosis Can Help With Treatment of Numerous Medical Conditions. Unfortunately, Existential Dread Isn't One of Them.

FCC Clarifies VoIP Disconnection Deadline

Feuding Over Vaccines

High Court Backs Workers in Pay Dispute Bush Cabal: What kind of nonsence is this? We need Scalito in there stat!

Another Saddam Co-Defendant's Lawyer Slain

Abuse Cases Could Go to Trial in '06

Blair Failed In Dealing With Bush, Book Says

Mayor Is Criticized for Jet Use Get to the back of the bus, Mr. Mayor. (in other words--so it begins. Villaraigosa must be destroyed.)

Looted Iraqi Relics Slow To Surface--Some Famous Pieces Unlikely to ReappearExcept in private showing to the neocons' closest friends and family members.

Several Museums May Possess Looted Art (Italian antiquities, not Iraqi) These are being sought and recovered.

Hospitals In China Find Profit In AIDS

French Cabinet Authorizes Curfews Amid 12 Days of Violence

France Beefs Up Response to Riots

High Court To Hear Case On War Powers

Generous Campaign Donors Showing No Signs of Fatigue

Audubon Society Sues Over Spotted Owl

Conservatives Also Irked by IRS Probe of Churches

Thousands of Katrina 911 Calls Went Astray
I smell a new song. Hello Baton Rouge, can you come to save us?
Why Am I Still Getting E-mails from John Kerry?

The FBI's Secret Scrutiny

Wag the Damascus
I'm sure it's not if it should become necessary, say like if the President faces impeachment hearings.


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