Thursday, October 27, 2005

Two Quit-Fired from Church after Altar Call on Gay Marriage

In Massachusetts at least one church is using it's services to collect signatures agaisnt gay marriage.

A cantor rebelled and informed the people in attendance that they did not have to sign the petition and was fired.

The Organist quit in disgust.

This was a breathtaking use of church for political ends. Will anything be done?

Don't hold your breath.

...on Oct. 2 activists opposed to same-sex marriage and backed by the state's four Catholic bishops said they were well on their way to collecting the 65,825 signatures needed to place a constitutional amendment on the 2008 ballot to ban same-sex marriage in Massachusetts.

The next weekend, the petitions appeared at tables behind the pews of St. Gabriel. At first, Kilduff said, he tried to ignore the stacks of paper. But when the archdiocesan official addressed the congregation from the altar, Kilduff said he became incensed. ''We never make political announcements of any type," Kilduff said. ''That was never brought up at my church. . . . Deal with [political statements] at the rectory, at the school, not during church, not during a holy service."


Kilduff and Bryant said the petitions and Bryant's firing, indicate that the leadership of the archdiocese is forcing its political views on parishes.

''It feels that people who are the type who make questions are the ones that are ousted, are the ones that are cut off," said Bryant, 28.
Two sidelined after protesting altar call on ban on gay marriage


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