Sunday, October 30, 2005

Wading Through "A Leak, then a Deluge"

Barton Gellman a the Washington Post has written a long report on the indictment of Scooter Libby and the events and times that led up to it.

This is one of those articles it takes a long time to read, but read it.

The Post's long analysis on what went wrong pre 911 was incredibly informative.

One important fact, I've found so far is about the flight of Air Force 2 on July 12, 2003 where Cheney and Libby and others talked about Valerie Plame. The reporter says that though Cheney and Libby both had contacted the CIA about whether Mrs. Wilson was an agent, Cheney had to tell his aide that she worked in counterproliferation.


Interestingly though when this conversation takes place is July 12, 2003. It was on a flight of AF1 which occured on July 7, 2003 that high ranking officials were told that Mrs. Wilson-Valerie Plame was covert. That was 5 days earlier.

So nearly 2 years after 911 had proven how important being able to ferret out secret foreign government plans for proliferation is, what did Cheney's aide do?

He blabs this to the world and destroys decades of work by the CIA in building a clandestine structure to learn what other nations were doing.

Scooter Libby seems like a nice guy. Maybe it's the poetic letter he wrote to Judith Miller in jail or his ability to maintain a sense of humor. But nice people who focus on only what is good for themselves, their families, and their own circle of people can do some really terrible things. Is Mr. Libby any worse than those of us who were okay with the invasion of Iraq because it wouldn't affect anyone we cared about? Those bombs were going to fall on Iraqi children. Don't bother yourself to get up and out and protest, write letters, talk back to you obnoxious relatives and 'friends' when they repeat the talking points about how great the president is and how we must keep killing in Iraq to honor our war dead or something. In fact, when we don't argue against the lies we acquiese to their validity. When we don't do anything we validate the arrogance and greed of our government. When we only take care of our family and friends we could be letting a terror be unleashed on other people. We will be held responsible for what our nation did to Iraq for decades. The blowback may be coming to your neighborhood. The Iraq war has helped al Qaeda in recruitment and providing huge areas for 'more trainings camps than were in Afghanistan pre 911' according to intelligences sources. They say nice guys finish last. In many cases that has been shown to be false, but when we let others do terrible things because were too nice to stop them, then it is true.

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